Working on videos for the Levin album

So I have decided to release the album as a 30 minute video. At the moment I am creating some simple video concepts for the songs and getting my head around Premiere Pro… rather full on world of video!

Here is a rough-cut of what am thinking will be the first video. Not sure about the start… with the text etc. But there are some parts of this that I like. The idea behind the video is the fear of exposing yourself. Its so comfortable creating music in a dark room, the hard bit is trying to get my head around sharing it. Anyhow…. see what you think a leave comments with any feedback.


Part of the background noise

Overloaded with thousands of images, videos and messages as our thumb scrolls down, down, down… How does this make us feel? Conformation / Unwell / Lonely / Loved?

This is the state I am exploring with The Kurves project.

The more likes the better. Playing the game. Trying to share our ‘best moments’. Crying out for conformation. Crying out to the endless abyss of digital. Do we really need this in our lives?

Im confused by this right now. As a music creator and with this project I am digging deep, trying to NOT BE AFRAID to follow convention. Embrace the background noise that music has become. Create using the regular methods. Create with the mainstream. IT IS NOT UNIQUE. I AM NOT SPECIAL. non of us are. Or we can choose… I AM SPECIAL… all of us are. Either response is irrelevant… or should be irrelevant to anyone but ourselves. Right?

The more we choose to share and filter our lives with everyone the less we are really seeing our lives clearly and have the ability to actually steer our lives for ourselves. Really listening to our inner voice and steering that path.

I worry that social media almost dumbs us down. numb. ticking off days. trying for 15 minutes of fame. trying to find the formula. but the formula for what? For a great life or for ego success? thats really hard to explore. But somewhere this project is helping me explore these thoughts.

Rough mixing time

Now I’ve transferred the sessions onto the studio computer and started listening a few of the songs through the studio speakers… just working through and making some basic mix fixes with EQ, compression and levels.

Heres a video from today. Again its a realtime thing showing my work process.

As I’ve posted before, this is my first Logic Pro project… I’ve always worked on Pro Tools before now so finding some of the functions is sometimes a little long winded!! (like finding specific UAD plugins!! Nightmare!)

Logic Pro X -Using arrangement feature

Yesterday I finished roughly arranging all 14 song ideas…. after a quick listen back some are sounding great… some are terrible and most are in the middle somewhere.

Today I have been reapproaching some of the arrangments on the songs, I came across a nice feature in Logic where you can label the various sections of the song and then just move duplicate them or move them around.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 16.22.44.png

As you can see on the top of the main window there is an ‘arrangement’ row running across the timeline. I have only worked on a couple of songs… but it proving to be a great way of working quickly and getting to level 2 with the arrangements.

Here is the video I found that helped me out with this feature.


Building rough song arrangments

I have just finished arranging song eleven of fourteen. Slowly getting there! Trying not to think too much about when the next stage is right now, just getting some sort of rough arrangements in place for the songs.

In the back of my mind I am starting to think about the next stage… adding other instruments? adding vocals or voices? adding live samples? who knows. I will set those boundaries when I have completed all the songs. For now I am just focused on getting all the songs into an arrangement for the next stage of the process.

Here is a real-time video (around 10 minutes) of how I have been arranging the songs from 8 bar loops into 2-3 minute compositions.

I am not sure where this song will go… I am just trying to stick to the rules of my previous post and trust the path! Fun.