Working on videos for the Levin album

So I have decided to release the album as a 30 minute video. At the moment I am creating some simple video concepts for the songs and getting my head around Premiere Pro… rather full on world of video!

Here is a rough-cut of what am thinking will be the first video. Not sure about the start… with the text etc. But there are some parts of this that I like. The idea behind the video is the fear of exposing yourself. Its so comfortable creating music in a dark room, the hard bit is trying to get my head around sharing it. Anyhow…. see what you think a leave comments with any feedback.


Kicked off the festival! 

So on Wednesdays (two days ago) we played a pub gig down in grenna to kick off the festival. It went really well! 

To be honest, I wasn’t able to put in the amount of rehearsal hours I would have liked as I’ve got a new born baby… But I enjoy the evening and we got everyone singing in the end, so that’s the main thing! 

Tomorrow we play the hilltop stage at 13:00… So it’s going to be an early start from Stockholm to drive 3hrs to grenna… But it’s going to be worth it! 

Learning loads, really enjoying the project and i have some big plans on the horizon which I can’t wait to share as the project develops over the next few months. 

Here we bloody go! Andyc 

Website, recordings, merch and live show

My focus over the last couple of days has been on planning all the promotional elements of the ‘Grenna Bluegrass Project’ ready for going public with the project in two weeks.

Here’s a list:

  • Create a project website (Here is a working outline)
  • Record a single and music video (Deadline – Mid July)
  • Record an EP / Album (Deadline August 1st)
  • Arrange online distribution of music (Mid-July)
  • Artwork
  • Prepare live show
  • Create merchandise

It’s not a big list… the music and much of the background work is now done; I have the songs, I know the sound and we have the image all in place. The big focus are on recording and merchandise I think…


At this stage of the project I am working really closely with Mats (The guy that plays 2nd guitar) as we prepare for an intense production week starting on 10th July. Setting time lines and keeping the project on track to hit the deadlines is important… It’s also important to be realistic with the goals.  Being driven to work hard, to commit to achieving your aims is king… but being aware of not taking on too much and that the people involved enjoy everyday of the project and have ‘fun’ is at the centre of it all.

I love that the festival shows are booked (Live shows on August 17th / 19th). I have a clear end for this stage of the project. I really cant wait to get to the 20th August and look back at the project! Its quite a journey!!!



Grenna here we come!

Summer planning has been the topic of this evening here in sunny Stockholm.

In August I’ll be presenting my new folk/Americana album to the big bad world and showcasing the album at the world famous Grenna Bluegrass Festival with 2 gigs… The first on August 17th and then on the main stage on August 20th.

Next week I’ll be hooking up with a double bass player, as I explore how to add a bit more bottom end to the songs, then July is all go on recording and mixing the album. 

I’m also hoping to get in a few summer gigs in and around Stockholm as a warm up for August. Onwards, forwards, here we bloody go!