Youtube Kids Music

Early this year I realised that I had less and less time for music making due to having a young family… A daughter under 1, a daughter 3 and a son 11. As you can imagine… time gets eaten up with this! Its amazing, the best thing ever… but they defiantly eat into that free time once had for music making. 🙂

So I decided to start making music for my 3 year old. She loves YouTube and Ive noticed there are alot of animated songs that the kids like watching. Along with this in my other world of teaching music some of my younger students use music to learn subjects… So I thought… lets explore this a little more.

I created a Youtube account (Music Fun 123) and started creating a song-a-week together with a video animation (using adobe Flash).

These are a couple of the more popular songs. The Planet Song (Currently on 41K plays at time of writing) and Months of the Year (Currently at 900 plays). You can check out the channel using this link