HEISS – First release coming early August.

A quick update, of course these posts will become a little more relevant once we starting getting music shared, but the update is that the first release is off to mastering next week. Ready for an online release late July, early August.

Only if you lie is the title of the song and we have our version plus a remix that we will be sharing.

The remix was done by Mat White (A UK breakbeat producer) who kindly produced a killer, groove-based, version of the song.

I’ll post more info closer to the time.


Heiss Update

So I just looked back at my last post for this project and saw that we were aiming to get a song out by Christmas! Now its May. That shows you how long it takes to get things done.

We now have one song ready for mastering and another ready for mixing and a four or five other songs in development. The way we are working is very sporadic, with periods of more intense activity and then weeks where we are busy on other projects. It works well.

The first release is called ‘Only if you lie’ and its a song I wrote last year about trying to listen to your inner voice when you go through tough times. Having heard the finish mix I can honestly say that its any amazing feeling to have created something, with a fantastic group of musicians, that sounds so complete. Its a real team effort. I am not saying that its a great song… more that its a great journey and conclusion to our time working together.

To be honest with Hiess I am not even sure what kind of music it is. Somedays I love what we produce, other days I dont really understand it, its not like we go into the studio and say… lets make a rock record.. or any genre. I think thats what I like about the project, its a real collaboration of musicians trusting each other and creating a true group composition.

This project will really develop quick I think, it feels like we are still in the stage of learning how we all work best and learning our sound. To be honest we don’t need to work in the same room all that much, we can add to the songs in our own studios and then get together once we have put down our individual ideas. When we do get together its more to start removing instruments and creating a focus for the sound, rather than sitting in a room and playing instruments together.

My personal goal for the project is to create a true sound, as a group of musicians. I dont want to steer the sound into any genre, I believe that we have a sound as a group of musicians, its just a matter of working together and finding the unique sounds that we make. Once you have found that, you cant really change it, you can only explore it. What an amazing experience…. to grow together… to have our individual musical voices and find combining them into one voice.



So this is the first post for months! I have been going through a long period of self doubt. I seem to work hard with music. Create a lot and get bored easily. I never stick at one idea long enough for it to really create an audience. Once I get an audience I get bored. It seems to have been a cycle of my past 20 years in music making!

So my last post was early this year. What have I been doing? In summary… I have been raising my two your daughters, hanging out with my son, designing a new house, working hard with my teaching job and also working on music. There is alot going on… always it seems.

Musically I have been finishing the Levin Album. 99% there. Plus working on video content for the project. I have written 16 new songs for a project I want to work on this september. I have explored making music for kids on Youtube (with one of the videos reaching over 50k plays… not bad!). We have written 3 songs for the HEISS studio project (and shot a video for the first release). Add to this writing some new LEVIN songs… booking some gigs for the summer. Also, working with my music partner Mats on a ‘remix’ of the first Levin album. (its done! just need to upload the songs)… then finally there is the finishing of THE MESSAGES recordings, where right now Vinnie (singer) is in America meeting with some record companies.. with a plan of self releasing a single a month for the months leading up to Christmas… NOW I think you are up to date.

So you can see. My mind is in a million places. Each place is amazing. Learning to manage how I split my mind between this places it the challenge.

I am going to get back to posting on this site. I will aim to post every few days… This site is going to get a new look. So I can upload music and ideas easy. This will be the place where I offload and share (outside of the official release of material produced).

Be back soon. Welcome back. Andy

Getting the first release ready for xmas

A little background

For those new to this music project I will give a brief update; Primarily four of us creating music in the studio for public release. I am focusing on the songwriting, Mats is more focused on the instruments, Linn is producing and on the instruments and Dan is focused on the mixing.

Current project goal

Upload a song-a-month. Its easy! Write, produce and mix one song a month. Try and get a video down for each song. Release onto Soundcloud. Then once we have 3 or 4 songs we will release them as an EP on spotify… and keep the process rolling like that.

This months single

We hooked up on Saturday and decided on the first single, tomorrow night we will be in the studio putting on all the additional instrumentation so that its ready for mixing.

The song

Only if you lie. Its a song about being locked in a negative situation but you maybe don’t see it. You almost dont want to see it because it would mean changing things and hurting people. But you know inside that you need to face the situation. You cant escape your own feelings. Once you face the situation and face change personal happiness and forefillment is on the other side.

The journey

Fun. learning. amazing levels of musicianship and music production…. I cant even explain how liberating it is as a songwriter to be working with such great people… I really think that we are going to produce some lovely music that we’ll be proud of. Lets see!

Developing the development process

I have just returned from a really great studio session for the project where we have begun building some structures to the songs. I thought I’d take a minute and try and share the process so far.


I wrote some song ideas with Mats (guitarist and general musical genius!) down in the home studio. From these sessions we had around 30 song ideas in various states. Some were almost complete and others were just improvisations that we liked.

Last weekend we all hooked up in the studio to start the project. So Mats and I were joined by Linn (Bass / Sound production) and Dan (Producer and sound designer). We played through a few ideas and started capturing some piano riffs.

90% of the demos for the project had me on electric guitar and vocal and Mats playing upright piano. The piano lines and really strong are probably something we will keep as the songs progress into the production stage.

Development from the first hook up

That first session went well, it really helped us see how differently we all worked and what we could bring individually to the project. I took from it the fact that we are all very comfortable in the studio environment and this could be the best way to build the songs (rather than sitting in a room together and developing the songs on instruments).

Creating Pro Tools roughs

This last week Mats and I have been working through 5 songs and creating Pro Tools sessions that have the piano, vocal and guitar parts. We have been working on the structure of the songs and basically creating a blue-print for the foundation of each composition.

Tonights session

So tonight we met up with Linn in the studio and we started working from the Pro Tools rough sessions, adding basslines and additional tracks. This process really helped us to push forward because we have something on the speakers to discuss and creatively express onto. I really feel we are onto something really positive and fun!


As the posts go on I will try and share the process in as much detail as I can. These are all professional musicians, engineers and producers so I think these blogposts could really help out other musicians that are wanting to progress in the music industry and develop their ideas into professional products.

There is a really deep personal level to this project and of course I will try and share that too, but all I can say is that it has taken me 20 years in music to reach the stage where I am finally in a state of mind where I feel ready for this amazing adventure into music. The other music projects have been a build up to this… It really feels like that at the moment!

New project beginnings

First post of a new project that is an evolution from Grenna Bluegrass Festival Set project that I completed in August this year.

In completing that project I stubbled across a team of musicians that sparked something that we want to explore further…. but through much thinking and discussing we have decided to open up the music genre and more away from the folk / bluegrass game.

During the first stage of the project we will produce 3-5 recordings. The songs will be developed and recorded here in Stockholm, Sweden.

More posts coming soon.