Levin album released August 1st

Its a busy time of releasing projects in my world… so fun to start sharing what I’ve been working on with my wonderful music friends 🙂

LEVIN will be a 9 song album which we will get up onto Spotify for you to hear. I have also been working on some videos which will be slowly released throughout the coming year.

So support the release Mats and I will be LIVE STREAMING some music throughout the summer via Facebook.


Working on videos for the Levin album

So I have decided to release the album as a 30 minute video. At the moment I am creating some simple video concepts for the songs and getting my head around Premiere Pro… rather full on world of video!

Here is a rough-cut of what am thinking will be the first video. Not sure about the start… with the text etc. But there are some parts of this that I like. The idea behind the video is the fear of exposing yourself. Its so comfortable creating music in a dark room, the hard bit is trying to get my head around sharing it. Anyhow…. see what you think a leave comments with any feedback.

Levin Album 2017

If you look at my past projects menu you will see Grenna Bluegrass Festival and Levin projects as completed…. Now these are projects that lead me to a current project for the new album for the Levin project which will be coming out in the next couple of months.

The album is a studio album which will be released as Audio and Video versions. Right now I am finishing off the final bits of the mixes before sending them for mastering. I have also been getting my head into Premiere Pro (video editing) and creating some movies for each of the songs. Its a big project. But its sounding great and I cant wait to share it.

More updates coming soon… this is just a quick post to start the project updates.