Recording acoustic project 2 

2am… 9 tracks laid down! Decided to put the guitars on to click and then add the vocal, instead of go for the ‘live performance’ option. Glad I did, it was super hard trying to get a good take. So much easier to track it… Plus now it’s all to click so I can add or edit on the grid with ease.

It’s sounding pretty good. Now I need to decide where the box is for the project… What creative limitations should I put on the project so that I get it done in time! I’m already thinking it would sound great with Additonal instruments… But maybe that’s not for now, maybe now I should just get the vocal and guitar down, fix the levels and it’s down? Hard to know. I’ll sleep on it. 🙂


Recording acoustic project 1 

Oh no!! Just broke the Levin… Now I need to tune to whatever that strings tuned too! Rock n roll.

I’m using a Neumann for the vocals and an AKG condenser for the guitar. It’s sounding pretty nice… Just wish I could play it well! 😉

Really couldn’t be a recording artist… Super hard to get your mind focus for vocal and guitar performances in one take. I’m gunna be brave and keep going with this idea. I’m determined to just get something done. Let’s see.

Acoustic album – Banjo n Harmonies

Here we are… Still up north… Heading to a swimming pool with our little girl.

Last night was super fun… Elin and I tried out a couple of songs with harmonies on the hooks, it gave it that ‘Nashville’ feel! (Heeha!).

I know nothing about country music, not really into it to be honest, but do like the way it’s purely about storytelling… Rather than pumping your ego.

Elins brother, Björn, was also hanging out and brought along his banjo. It sounded pretty special… It could be an evolution of the sound?

Anyhow, now I’m pushing myself to record these songs with just me and the guitar. Then go and play it somewhere live… For fun. Pushing my comfort zones and seeing how it feels to be alone on the stage.

I’m writing this while traveling in the car… Might throw up… Hate traveling in cars! So will check in tomorrow. Andyc

Acoustic Christmas project 

I brought an old Swedish parlor guitar around 6 months ago. It’s from the 1940’s and sounds wonderful. A little bit like a banjo in its tone, but with a bit of a warm bass tone.

In my last post I said how I have been writing some riffs, as and when the moments arose, and capturing them into the iPhone for future reference.

I created a tuning that seems to work well for the style of music I’m playing on the guitar. It’s sort of ‘sat on the porch telling a story’ style of music! The tuning is D-A-D-G-G-D (instead of EADGBE). The double G string tuning creates a really interesting tone and challenge when writing!

Now I have the lyrics back from my buddy and I’ve been getting my head into the songs and fixing arrangements. I recon I should be done with 7-9 songs within the next couple of days. Pretty nice. Let’s see.