So this is the first post for months! I have been going through a long period of self doubt. I seem to work hard with music. Create a lot and get bored easily. I never stick at one idea long enough for it to really create an audience. Once I get an audience I get bored. It seems to have been a cycle of my past 20 years in music making!

So my last post was early this year. What have I been doing? In summary… I have been raising my two your daughters, hanging out with my son, designing a new house, working hard with my teaching job and also working on music. There is alot going on… always it seems.

Musically I have been finishing the Levin Album. 99% there. Plus working on video content for the project. I have written 16 new songs for a project I want to work on this september. I have explored making music for kids on Youtube (with one of the videos reaching over 50k plays… not bad!). We have written 3 songs for the HEISS studio project (and shot a video for the first release). Add to this writing some new LEVIN songs… booking some gigs for the summer. Also, working with my music partner Mats on a ‘remix’ of the first Levin album. (its done! just need to upload the songs)… then finally there is the finishing of THE MESSAGES recordings, where right now Vinnie (singer) is in America meeting with some record companies.. with a plan of self releasing a single a month for the months leading up to Christmas… NOW I think you are up to date.

So you can see. My mind is in a million places. Each place is amazing. Learning to manage how I split my mind between this places it the challenge.

I am going to get back to posting on this site. I will aim to post every few days… This site is going to get a new look. So I can upload music and ideas easy. This will be the place where I offload and share (outside of the official release of material produced).

Be back soon. Welcome back. Andy


End of chapter 1: project Grenna



Yesterday I opened up the 39th Grenna Bluegrass festival and it marked the end of my 9 month project…from first writing the songs at Xmas to presenting them to the public. Project complete! 

I’m only now beginning to look back on the journey and reflect on what I’ve learnt and what the next project will be. 

Right now it feels like it could be nice to explore the singer songwriter world a little more, maybe there is another chapter to this story?? Let’s see. 


Kicked off the festival! 

So on Wednesdays (two days ago) we played a pub gig down in grenna to kick off the festival. It went really well! 

To be honest, I wasn’t able to put in the amount of rehearsal hours I would have liked as I’ve got a new born baby… But I enjoy the evening and we got everyone singing in the end, so that’s the main thing! 

Tomorrow we play the hilltop stage at 13:00… So it’s going to be an early start from Stockholm to drive 3hrs to grenna… But it’s going to be worth it! 

Learning loads, really enjoying the project and i have some big plans on the horizon which I can’t wait to share as the project develops over the next few months. 

Here we bloody go! Andyc 

New website for the project is live

I’ve been slowly working through my ‘todo’ list over the last week of so… and yes, I made it, got the website done!

I decided to go for a simple website design that just gives some basic information on the project… maybe its too simple? lets see. If you got any thoughts please share as I’d love to get some feedback.

Website is here: www.andycargillmusic.com

Grenna warm up gig on Oaxen was fun!

On Saturday me and the crew played a gig on the island of ‘Oaxen’ just outside of Stockholm, Sweden.   

It was our first outing as a four piece and I’m happy to report it went really well! The crowd was warm, sung along at the the end and we even earnt some money through donations! 

Like I’ve said in my previous post, this is such a great set of musicians I’m playing with right now and you can really tell. The sound is tight, we aren’t stepping on each other musically and the result is so nice. 
Next gig is grenna on 17th August… Can’t wait!