First Single of Rock Album drop 1st July

‘Give me Love’ will be the first single released by ‘The Taken’ on July 1st on Spotify and iTunes.

I co-wrote and produced this project last year and its really nice to be able to share the results with the world! The plan is to release a song-a-month for the next 8 months.

Right now there are no plans to tour the project, we will wait and see what the response to the music is and take it from there. If you want to follow the project head over to the facebook page.


Levin album released August 1st

Its a busy time of releasing projects in my world… so fun to start sharing what I’ve been working on with my wonderful music friends 🙂

LEVIN will be a 9 song album which we will get up onto Spotify for you to hear. I have also been working on some videos which will be slowly released throughout the coming year.

So support the release Mats and I will be LIVE STREAMING some music throughout the summer via Facebook.

HEISS – First release coming early August.

A quick update, of course these posts will become a little more relevant once we starting getting music shared, but the update is that the first release is off to mastering next week. Ready for an online release late July, early August.

Only if you lie is the title of the song and we have our version plus a remix that we will be sharing.

The remix was done by Mat White (A UK breakbeat producer) who kindly produced a killer, groove-based, version of the song.

I’ll post more info closer to the time.

Working on videos for the Levin album

So I have decided to release the album as a 30 minute video. At the moment I am creating some simple video concepts for the songs and getting my head around Premiere Pro… rather full on world of video!

Here is a rough-cut of what am thinking will be the first video. Not sure about the start… with the text etc. But there are some parts of this that I like. The idea behind the video is the fear of exposing yourself. Its so comfortable creating music in a dark room, the hard bit is trying to get my head around sharing it. Anyhow…. see what you think a leave comments with any feedback.

Heiss Update

So I just looked back at my last post for this project and saw that we were aiming to get a song out by Christmas! Now its May. That shows you how long it takes to get things done.

We now have one song ready for mastering and another ready for mixing and a four or five other songs in development. The way we are working is very sporadic, with periods of more intense activity and then weeks where we are busy on other projects. It works well.

The first release is called ‘Only if you lie’ and its a song I wrote last year about trying to listen to your inner voice when you go through tough times. Having heard the finish mix I can honestly say that its any amazing feeling to have created something, with a fantastic group of musicians, that sounds so complete. Its a real team effort. I am not saying that its a great song… more that its a great journey and conclusion to our time working together.

To be honest with Hiess I am not even sure what kind of music it is. Somedays I love what we produce, other days I dont really understand it, its not like we go into the studio and say… lets make a rock record.. or any genre. I think thats what I like about the project, its a real collaboration of musicians trusting each other and creating a true group composition.

This project will really develop quick I think, it feels like we are still in the stage of learning how we all work best and learning our sound. To be honest we don’t need to work in the same room all that much, we can add to the songs in our own studios and then get together once we have put down our individual ideas. When we do get together its more to start removing instruments and creating a focus for the sound, rather than sitting in a room and playing instruments together.

My personal goal for the project is to create a true sound, as a group of musicians. I dont want to steer the sound into any genre, I believe that we have a sound as a group of musicians, its just a matter of working together and finding the unique sounds that we make. Once you have found that, you cant really change it, you can only explore it. What an amazing experience…. to grow together… to have our individual musical voices and find combining them into one voice.


Levin Remix Album

Really pleased to be able to share a new album today! Its a really nice revisit to the Levin Album I released last year.

Mats Ahlberg is a very talented Swedish composer that has taken the Levin songs and given them a unique twist. I hope you like it, please leave comments and let me know what you think.